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ePortfolio Abroad

Daria Ursol , Study Abroad Coordinator Gillian Sudlow, Educational Consultant in Course Design (T&L Commons)

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ePortfolio Champions

Paola Gavilanez, IDSN Instructor Jovita Vytasek, Learning Strategist Khairunissa Ali, Co-op Instructor Monica Affleck, HRMT Instructor Simon Driver, APPD Instructor Rebecca Yoshizawa (OER)

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Competency-Based Assessment: Using ePortfolios to Recognize Prior Learning

Meredith Laird, Curricular Support Manager David Burns, AVP, Academic Lisa Gedak, Teaching and Learning Strategist

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PebblePad & Academic Plan 2023

This video explains the importance of adopting PebblePad and its relationships with KPU's academic plan.

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ePortfolios Explained Webinar

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